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Acceptance rates at many colleges fall at or below 10 percent. Students with perfect grades and test scores receive rejection letters from their top colleges simply because there are more students applying with top scores than available seats.


Figuring out how to increase the odds of gaining acceptance into your ideal college requires careful planning, executing, targeting and a perspective on how less than perfect applicants gain admission into top schools.

Our competitive advantage over public school staff and other organizations is that  our experts have gained acceptance to some of the nations top colleges including: Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Berkeley, UPenn, Notre Dame, Michigan, Northwestern, Georgetown, UChicago, Stanford, Howard and more. Furthermore, our consultants have experience working with top colleges and top applicants so they have valuable insight on how to craft a strategic and competitive application.  

Empower Kids supports schools and families by offering services including but not limited to:   

  • Essay writing & storytelling

  • Message development

  • Interview coaching

  • Targeting Colleges 

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Connecting with colleges & staff

  • Strategy & development

  • Identifying leadership opportunities

  • Website creation & content development